Restoration Face-Off: Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Dentures dental implants Canton MI dentists

Restoration Face-Off: Dentures vs. Dental Implants

Dentures dental implants Canton MI dentists

When your mission is to fill in the gaps in your smile, there are a lot of restorative options that can look attractive. The hard part is plunking down and making a decision that is going to work for you now and in the future. Our Canton, MI, dentists can help you do just that by explaining the details that come with dentures and dental implants.

Here’s some background on how dentures and dental implants compare to get the ball rolling.

Dentures: The Classic Approach to Tooth Replacement

For many years, full and partial dentures have been the widely accepted standard for replacing missing teeth. This is due to the fact that they provide patients in need with a relatively quick, accessible, and cost-effective way to restore both their smile’s function and appearance.

With that said, dentures aren’t without their own set of challenges. Potential drawbacks include issues such as the potential for slipping, reliance on adhesives for stability, and dietary restrictions. Ill-fitting dentures can also lead to sore spots and irritation, impacting the overall comfort of the wearer. Rest assured, however, that when an “off” fit is noticed with dentures, our dentists will take action and work with you to adjust them as necessary.

If you’re wanting to improve your overall quality of life, but are not interested in the idea of undergoing oral surgery (dental implant placement), dentures may be the answer to your missing teeth woes.

Dental Implants: Permanent & Sophisticated

Dental implants, on the other hand, represent a modern and increasingly favored alternative to traditional dentures. As advancements in dental technology have progressed, implants have gained popularity for their ability to provide a permanent and natural-looking solution for lost teeth.

Unlike dentures, the dental implant procedure involves the surgical placement of titanium posts directly into the jawbone which over time, provides much needed stimulation to the area. You’ll then come back into our Canton, MI, dental office months later after healing is complete to have the abutment (connector piece) and dental crown placed.

Tooth implants do not rely on adhesives or clasps for stability but instead fuse to your jaw in a process called osseointegration. Though patience is required for this step, it eliminates the common issue of denture slippage, providing wearers with a more secure and comfortable experience.

While dental implants provide numerous benefits, it’s also important to acknowledge certain considerations. For one, surgery is involved, and some individuals may have concerns about this aspect. Additionally, dental implants are more of an investment than dentures. However, many individuals find that the long-term advantages, including the longevity of implants and their positive impact on oral health, outweigh the “cons”.

What Goes Into the Final Decision

Before you move forward with either implants or dentures, our dentists will want to sit down with you to go over a few important details. Factors that can ultimately influence what you choose include:

  • Jawbone density (whether dental bone grafting is needed)
  • Commitment to oral hygiene
  • Medical conditions that may interfere with proper healing
  • Number of teeth missing
  • Habits like smoking or use of other tobacco products

Have a Discussion With Our Dentists

Our dentists in Canton, MI, can help get you started with either solution. The main thing is whether you’re happy and comfortable with your tooth replacement choice. Call Hometown Dental today at (734) 667-4941 to request an appointment so we can take time to go over all of the necessary information.